Hi I'm Melby Ruarus, a passionate iOS app developer, UX nut, and avid hiker from New Zealand. I am currently employed in Sydney at Google working on the Places API for iOS.

Below are a sample of apps and projects I have worked on. Feel free to get in touch with me using the profile links above, or by emailing appsspace@spaceruarus.co.nz.

Volunteer work
Best Fish Guide (iOS)
Best Fish Guide (Android)
Places API
One News Now
AMI Insurance
State Insurance
Westpac Mobile Banking
Westpac One Mobile Banking
Co-operative Bank Mobile Banking

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is a field I have a strong interest in. During my university career I had the wonderful opportunity to work at Weta Digital—the company that brought us Avatar.

The skills and computer graphics technologies I have learnt have been essential to building some of my more daring iOS app UIs. OpenGL, GLSL, and various other 3D rendering technologies give you the freedom to create the user experience you want for your app.

Whiley + OpenCL

In keeping with my interest in graphics, my Honours project at university was adding OpenCL support to the Whiley programming language.

The goal was to significantly speed up computer programs which are able to take advantage of the tremendous parallel compute power of modern graphics hardware.

The result of the project was speed improvements to many programs, one of which executed up to 5.2x faster by running on a graphics card.

Paper Plane

Paper Plane is an iPad game which uses tilt and blowing onto the device to guide a paper airplane through the ever-changing weather far above the ground.

This mobile game was developed collaboratively by a team of five students over the course of three months, and may one day be available on an app store near you.

Leap Motion

Experimental forms of human-computer interaction fascinate me as they allow us to explore ways in which we may engage with our devices in the future.

The Leap Motion has appealed to me in ways that VR and other technologies have not. To satisfy my curiosity I developed software for the Leap Motion which allows users to explore large datasets more naturally.

While there are kinks to iron out, technology like this makes you feel like you are stepping into the future...

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